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Where the Past Meets the Present & Our History Guarantees Our Future -  Yeshiva Marbeh Torah offers you authentic Torah Study in a conducive and accommodating environment.


What Our Students Are Saying

Eric Fenster, Attorney-at-Law.
Graduate of University of California, Santa Cruz (B.A. History) and Tel Aviv University (LL.B.).
Los Angeles, CA, USA

I've studied and worked internationally and have not met a group of more friendly, honest and truth seeking individuals than at Marbeh Torah.  After two years in Yeshiva I can say with full conviction that the program, as well as the whole operation of the yeshiva, is done on a professional level, with progress, self-development and Yiras Shamayim given top priority. It is a yeshiva made up of menschen, and has a standard of excellence for anyone seeking to learn Gemara. The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Elzas, is an embodiment of Torah dedication, and his talmidim draw inspiration and enthusiasm from his example. You can look forward to a warm welcome and an uplifting experience from your stay at Marbeh Torah.


Daniel Birnbaum
St. Louis, MO, USA

After being awarded an academic scholarship in Arts and Jewish studies, and subsequently spending several years in an intensive university program, I decided to take a year off to study in Israel. I was already involved in Jewish life on campus and had an amazing group of friends. My warm, caring parents always sought the best for me, yet, I always felt that I could accomplish more. After investigating many options, I found the ideal opportunity for study and advancement in a meaningful environment. A program that offers personal instruction, devoted teachers, a friendly, upbeat environment and flexibility - it's Marbeh Torah. Here is a place that recognizes how much potential you really have - and knows how to help you bring it out! The program is motivating and captivating; the people are sincere and helpful.   The impressive Rabbis are deeply concerned and personally involved with every student and the teaching staff are of a unique caliber, not to mention the fantastic community, whose hospitality and warmth are inspiring.   It's an experience that can't really be described - and shouldn't be missed!  Follow me to Marbeh Torah!


Naftali Israels
Johannesburg, South Africa

I joined the yeshiva recently after receiving a BA Honors degree in Multi Media Engineering from Nottingham Trent University. Under the recommendation of my Rabbi I came to Marbeh Torah.   I was looking for a studious Torah environment with an emphasis on a strong camaraderie between the students.    Thank you Marbeh Torah for providing what I always wanted from a Yeshiva.   I hope that more people will take advantage of the opportunity which I have been granted.


David Vangelder
Zurich, Switzerland

Words cannot explain the experience. When I joined Marbeh Torah I was not quite sure what I was seeking, except to be in a place surrounded by ethically upright people who strive to grow.   My stay at the yeshiva was so invigorating that when I had to leave I was longing to return.   Boruch HaShem, I'm back and loving every minute of it. When my brother saw how much I enjoyed the experience, he decided to join me for the next semester.


Dr. Mark Niven
London, England
Graduate of Cambridge University

My year at Marbeh Torah was one of the best years of my life.  Everyone there was bright, kind, sincere, spiritual, and super-friendly. It exceeded all my expectations and has made changes in my life that, with HaShem's help, will last forever. I'm thankful for the time I could spend there and know that my family and children are benefiting from what I learned there. By affecting each and every student in an profound way, Marbeh Torah is truly making the world a better place.