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Where the Past Meets the Present & Our History Guarantees Our Future -  Yeshiva Marbeh Torah offers you authentic Torah Study in a conducive and accommodating environment.


The Marbeh Torah Concept

Yeshiva Marbeh Torah, founded 30 years ago at the forefront of the Teshuva movement, has become renowned as a unique environment conducive to developing true bnei-Torah.

The only English-speaking yeshiva in the entire greater Tel Aviv area, Yeshiva Marbeh Torah provides a warm, friendly atmosphere with an emphasis on Talmudic proficiency and character development. The dedicated Rabbis invest much time, effort and thought in helping each individual bring out his own personal potential.

The Yeshiva is geared towards English speaking students aged 18-26 who want a pleasant, sincere environment where the common goal is growth and advancement. The Rosh Yeshiva gives personal attention to every individual, guiding him to maximize his abilities and potential.  Independence in Gemara coupled with mussar and hashkafah are goals common to everyone in the yeshiva.  Regular Yeshiva-sponsored outings and trips enhance the family-like relationship within the Yeshiva.

Marbeh Torah is situated in the heart of Bnei Brak, a true Torah city, home to one hundred and forty thousand observant Jews. The talmidim enjoy the benefit of immediate proximity to world-famous Torah institutions and internationally acclaimed chessed organizations.  The thriving, vibrant community extends its hospitality to our students on Shabbosos and Festivals, giving excellent opportunities to experience family life first hand.

About the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Naftoli Elzas

Rabbi Elzas, a son of Holocaust survivors, is a dynamic, charismatic and multi-faceted Rosh Yeshiva whose powerful enthusiasm has ignited generations of students. An internationally acclaimed lecturer, and a confidant of the Gedolei Yisrael, he rekindles the light that the Nazis tried to extinguish. His lucid shiurim on Gemara and Hashkafah draw a wide audience and his keen insight and deep understanding of a wide spectrum of topics has made him a sought-after personality. His leadership of Marbeh Torah gives a vitality and character which makes the Yeshiva unique.